Katie-isms – Pithy Wisdom from Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is”

About five years ago, I came across the book “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. It was in the Soulscape bookstore in Encinitas. Right away, I could tell that her process is very fresh and effective. For me, I’ve seen that being with a sense of wonder and questioning brings openness, and usually I learn something new. […]

If you’re not outraged, you’re paying attention

Yes, that’s right. Paying attention doesn’t mean being outraged by what you see. Outrage comes from not paying attention, from having the attention being distracted, whether by judgement, right/wrong thinking, or denial of things as they truly are. Many people notice their outrage when things are different than they want, prefer, or expect. Many people […]

How to never have problems

You don’t have a problem—you have a solution you don’t like. – AA saying I notice I keep getting stuck. Some things just keep happening over and over again in my life. Being a fixer, I tend to focus on problems and find creative ways to solve them. Maybe I’m that way because of genetics, […]

a quick way to solve problems

“My need to solve the problem is the problem.” Not liking something and then calling it a “problem” is what creates problems. The real issue is not liking something. One approach is to make sure you have a clear view of reality. The other approach is to learn to like reality. “Reality is always kinder […]

Where suffering starts – and how to get past it

“An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering.” – Byron Katie If we don’t watch what we’re doing, we’ll run into the same ruts again. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s even inevitable and can be helpful. Things that don’t work as we expect give us a chance to learn something. Repeating mistakes, though, and […]

A simple solution to big problems

“You don’t have a problem—you have a solution you don’t like.” Most times “the problem” is not “the problem”. We’re avoiding that because we don’t want to accept the solution, not accept reality, or not realize that there really isn’t a problem: there’s just reality. As Byron Katie says, “Reality just is. We don’t get […]

Being Without A Lover

I’m not a loser if I don’t have a lover sometimes, I’m just a person who doesn’t have a lover sometimes. (adapted from a widely used addiction recovery quote)   One of the Lover Principles on ViewPacific is Infinite Lovers are willing to share about themselves and their self-worth. People without love think negatively about […]

The Whole World Loves ME!

I’m very clear that the whole world loves me. I just don’t expect them to realize it yet. – Byron Katie This is one of the “Katie-isms” from Byron Katie, as found in her book “Loving What Is”. You can read some more of them here.