Those three little words

Love, deeper relationships, and lasting happiness are all yours.

Simply practice the three little words shared in this talk.

Testimonial: I discovered the same three words a decade or so ago and put them into practice. They truly changed my life. They even helped me change my mind! And, they helped me learn some new things that I hadn’t expected.

I found that these three words, spoken often and sincerely, then followed by silence, are almost magical.

They open up connections with others that you may not have anticipated. They can be shared with people you have just met and you’ll still see remarkable results. And, with a little practice, they can be shared with people you strongly disagree with. (Just be ready for some surprising results.)

(Oh, spoiler alert … you need to wait to the last minute of this video to learn the three words. But, it’s worth it, because he includes three bonus words!)

2 thoughts on “Those three little words

  1. Thank you for commenting on it. Aren’t symbols something in how they can be used to mean many things to different people. I’ll look for the symbol you mention and attend to it.

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