The only moment

Through meditation, we practice resurrection in every moment.
This is the practice of living in the everyday.
We must not lose ourselves in the past or in the future.
The only moment in which we are alive, in which we may touch life,
is the present moment, the here and now.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation Practice

I used to think that meditation was something you did on a cushion, apart, quietly, and maybe once or twice a day. I’ve come to realize there’s so much more to meditation. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with a regular sitting practice.

When I started meditating regularly, I thought of meditation as a sort of sports workout. A certain number of minutes of meditation mixed with minutes of aerobic exercise seemed like a great blend. It turns out they are a great combination, and healthy, too! But, that wasn’t the point.

Turns out that mediation is great practice for staying, not for going. It’s training to stay with the present moment. It’s practice in staying with whatever happens, even when wild thoughts or crazy ideas come up, or when discomfort or old triggers return.

I’d almost call it mind-blowing when I started to notice how moments are just moments, alive and rich. We’re built to notice so much – the sights, the sounds, the aromas, the pressure of our feet on the earth, and so much more. I’ve felt overwhelmed with the richness of it all, especially when I was first noticing.

I’m grateful to have a practice that works for me, even when my mind wanders. (especially when my mind wanders!). And, I’m grateful to my many teachers.

2 thoughts on “The only moment

  1. Thank you for sharing this Vincent. There is a shift isn’t there. From doing it as a practice and feeling like it’s a place to visit … and then realizing it’s within you all the time and is a part of you. Thank you 🙏

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