It turns out baby steps gets us there

Who knew? As babies, all we can do is take baby steps. As we get older, some of us believe that the long strides and great leaps over massive hurdles are what makes up our lives. Others of us accept our fate and dwell on the conditions we’ve found ourselves in.

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” — J.K. Rowling

path cc unsplash Jean Kleisz 1a0mA3g

Although drama and epic quests make sensational headlines and self-righteous memories, it’s the little steps we take each day that make up our whole lives. And while we can certainly be born with physical handicaps or be in surroundings that aren’t completely ideal, again and again we see others simply moving ahead. How can they do this while we can’t seem to?

Simply taking that first step in the direction we choose can wake us up to the reality that we have choice, and that our choices do make a difference. Then, simply taking another step puts us that much closer, and reminds us again that we can and we do have an impact on our own lives.

So, let’s let go of our fears that our abilities are limited, and instead simply take steps, even if they feel like baby steps.

6 thoughts on “It turns out baby steps gets us there

  1. Yes, Otto, you have it, and isn’t it a paradox? Well, let’s move beyond puzzling about that, and take another little step.

  2. I like this reminder. It’s my choices, not my abilities. That denotes action–consciousness. I think the world could probably use more of us acting in synch with this realization . . .

  3. Awesome post. Baby steps in a new direction can be life altering. New worlds are just waiting for us. Choosing to take those steps might be the scariest part, but well worth it.

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