Let Something New Come Through You

Sing it, sister!heart flying 2014-10-25 16.44.55-1

I’ve been inspired hearing these words performed by singer-songwriter Dawn Mitschele in her song “Something New“.

What about all the little things?
What about all the plans?
What about them?

What about what you should do?
What about what you’re used to?
What about it?

Well you know there’s gotta be something more.
And you know you’re the one you’re waiting for

So let something new come through you.
Oh, let something new … come through

When you let something new come through you.

We all get blessed when others are fully and lovingly alive.

Who hasn’t felt happy seeing someone who’s joyful, loving, grateful, and free?

Who hasn’t felt sad seeing a friend dwelling in the past, stalled by minutia, blocked with excuses, resisting responsibility, denying their part in their choices, or otherwise getting in their own way?

Let those alive sing to those about to come alive. Let those in love invite in those who will soon be treasuring the love in their lives. Let’s sing!



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