Allow Yourself to Feel

My friends, let’s look to ourselves and move beyond judgement into connection. It’s not about the others and what looks like their lack of feeling.

Yoga Mom

So you want connection?
You want deep connection with others?
What is the connection like with yourself?
Can you feel what you are feeling?
Can you take a good look,
and instead of holding back,
courageously feel whatever you are feeling?
Our pleasure and our pain
join us in kinship with all other creatures.
These feelings of ours link us
in the realm of human experience–
grief is grief
and joy is joy.
Loss is loss
and peace is peace.
The contexts may change,
the scenery,
the individual players in
our own personal dramas–
but at the end of the day,
sorrow is sorrow,
fear is fear,
and love is love.
So let yourself feel more,
my friend.
Knowing your own sorrow,
you know the sorrow of the world.
Knowing your own joy,
you know the world’s joy.
You want connection?
Allow yourself to feel
completely, clearly,
Now you…

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