4 thoughts on “Waiting For The River

  1. Hello, dear Hariod. Thanks for noticing my absence. All is well as I chose to focus on family and work matters. This quest for balance cut into my writing and commenting for a bit. Oddly enough, the number of followers and likes has continued to grow despite my attention elsewhere. Perhaps it’s due to the number of previous posts and not their freshness.
    Again, I thank you for noticing and asking. I treasure connectedness.

  2. Hello Vincent,

    Thank you for your lovely response; I am pleased that all seems well with you. As to blogging and so forth, then I find that just posting once a month is the right balance for myself, and am grateful that as with yourself, readers continue to engage at my site. I am beginning to get the impression that it is something of a myth that one ought to post frequently and regularly, and my own experience seems to confirm as much. I like to spend most of my blogging time on other people’s sites, reading and commenting, in a ratio of something like 19:1 in favour of others to my own. And as you suggest, to withdraw occasionally can do no great harm; we each have differing obligations and priorities of course.

    With all best wishes,


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