giving advice can benefit twice!

Creative Commons license courtesy val.pearl

Creative Commons license courtesy val.pearl


A grook about giving of one’s plenty

It’s pleasant to give
without feeling the price;

so let us be
nobly profuse of

the bottomless treasure
of moral advice

we anyhow
never make use of.

I had the experience today, that by listening – just listening – I’m lighter. It’s not because I gave some advice, leaving me a little lighter for having dumped something. After all, as Piet Hein so aptly notes, I’m probably not using any advice I’ve been giving. Instead, simply listening and not giving advice helped me realize a little more about myself.

I first read this poem by Piet Hein in one of his books with his collections of Grooks. I understand they are back in print!

So, have you got any advice for me?

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