Finding A Teacher

Courtesy Mandee Carter - Creative CommonsWe already know enough.

Practice Principles – by SDZC – The San Diego Zen Center

Caught in the self-centered dream, only suffering.
Holding to self-centered thoughts, exactly the dream.
Each moment, life as it is, the only teacher.
Being just this moment, compassion’s way.

Time swiftly passes by, and with it, our only chance.
Each of us must aspire to awaken.
Be aware.
Appreciate this precious life.

Consider the Buddha’s last words: Be A Lamp Unto Yourselves.

Or, consider these words by poet Daniel Ladinsky as inspired by the Sufi master Hafiz:

The words guru, swami, super swami, master,
teacher, yogi, murshid, priest — most of those
sporting such a title are just peacocks.

The litmus test is to hold them upside down
over a cliff for a few hours. If they don’t wet
their pants … maybe you found a real one.

We already have enough knowledge and conditions to be happy, compassionate, and at peace with ourselves and others.

Let’s enjoy this moment, and let it be our teacher.

5 thoughts on “Finding A Teacher

  1. Yes, this is so beautiful. When we let this moment be our teacher, we don’t have to wait for certain conditions to arise for us to awaken. We realize that awakening happens now. Thank you for sharing.

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