Quest for the Philosopher’s Stone

It seems that the easy way out has been a popular and alluring concept for quite a long time.

I came across a description of the Philosopher’s Stone in the Dictionary of Symbols.

Courtesy colemama - Creative CommonsThere’s that notion of a quick fix, the silver bullet, the magic potion or amulet that will solve everything, letting us avoid the need to do whatever is needed by ourselves.

Here’s what the book says:

The key to spiritual enlightenment. In the physical process of alchemy, the “stone” was a mysterious substance which, once created, could be used as a powder or tincture at the final stage of the Great Work to turn base metals into gold. Symbolism based on this belief made the Philosopher’s Stone into the elixir of life, the Grail itself – the spiritual wholeness that human beings strive to find.

The book, written by Jack Tressider, is only a few dollars on Amazon:
Dictionary of Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Traditional Images, Icons, and Emblems

I haven’t found a source to order my own actual Philospher’s Stone 🙂

If you find one that works, would you let us all know?

Would you?

11 thoughts on “Quest for the Philosopher’s Stone

  1. Ha! Yes, Hariod, perhaps so.
    I’d heard that a delegation was sent around to Saunders, but it had closed before they arrived. Maybe in the yoga studio or Hunab-Ku Portal Immortal?
    Well, these things are worth hunting, if not finding, and you’re on to something in suggesting The Stone is still near this location.
    If you happen to go by and can’t find it, would you be willing to see if there might be a foolproof plan and an airtight alibi,
    or some real simulated Indian jewelry? These days, either of those might work as well.

  2. You’re welcome.
    Yes, I’ve found it to be a tremendously interesting book. It has such a wealth of symbols and images that I haven’t found in any other single place.
    I hope it benefits your design work!

  3. Yes, Eliza, you’ve got it!
    It’s like chasing our shadow, so much a part of us that we’ll never quite “catch” it. Slowing down and noticing, we’re more likely to discover that we are what we’ve been seeking.

  4. Yes, we can keep seeking, and as you mention, with meditation we have the key. With our gentle noticing, we can realize that the object we’ve been looking for isn’t even an object outside ourselves.
    Or, maybe Harry Potter has cornered the market on these? Ha!

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