Kindness or truth? – not like paper or plastic

The writer Robert Brault raises a possibly thorny issue about the times when there seems to be a decision between truth and kindness:

“Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.”

and then:

“When a friend needs consolation, nothing will keep so well until tomorrow as the truth.”

The New Robert Brault Reader

Will our mind or our heart lead us when we’re faced with this decision?

Our mind says it’s knows the “truth” and what is right and what is wrong. Perhaps that’s why justice is portrayed as blind, so as to be impartial to the heart’s knowing.

Our heart leads us to kindness and connection. Many Buddhists associate the boddhisatva Kwan Yin (also Guanyin) with compassion – “observing the sounds or cries of the world.”

7 thoughts on “Kindness or truth? – not like paper or plastic

  1. Thank you for the post full of heart, Vincent. I agree with Brault: I have less and less certainty about what is true, and more and more conviction about how much this world can always do with more kindness. xo

  2. A timely reminder; I have rarely been hurt through someone’s kindness, and rarely caused pain with mine. I can’t say the same for what I thought was the truth.

  3. Well put, thank you.
    Yes, we think we have “the truth” and through kindness we can see there is much more than that.
    We can deepen our connection through claiming and accepting our own truth, while also accepting the truth of others as their own truth.
    Thanks for sharing yours.

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