“If Not Love, Then What?” #ThrowbackThursday Oct 12, 2012

Kenajos is wishing for something that someone reading this has. Would you please share it with all of us? Would you let us know where that little switch is? Is it a little dimmer switch somewhere near our heart, which we could nudge a little to bring all of us into the warm light of love, the warming light of the reality that we really aren’t separate?

Be Beautiful and Dance.


I wish there was a switch I could use to turn Love on.

Turn it on within myself, within everyone I see, within everything in the world.

I wish it was one of those dimmer switches, so I can deliberately turn it all the way up…

…then I’d break it off so it could never be used again.

That will mean Love is All The Way Turned Up for all time.

I wish it was like a touch lamp, and I could just put my hand on people and they automatically feel Love.

And Loved.

And Loving.

I wish everyone was aware that Love is like Light.

We live in darkness without it and are unable to accomplish even the most mundane tasks.

Unless you see the world through love filled eyes, you are like a blind man who swears he can see, asking to take control of the car.

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