Traveling light

The airlines make a lot of their profits by charging for extra luggage. You’ve probably noticed how it’s gotten, with some fellow travelers toting refugee-size bags, as if they were leaving the country for good and have all their possessions and all of their family’s heirlooms with them.

Myself, I’ve traveled over a million miles, and have had only one or two bags with me for most of those miles. Having my bags with me has saved me many times. When travel plans change – as they often do unexpectedly – I’ve been able to easily go with the flow.

But, even though I thought I was traveling light, here’s a guy who’s made it into a science.

His name is Doug Dyment and his website is OneBag.Com. I hadn’t heard of it, but apparently it’s included in the PC Magazine Top 100 Sites You Can’t Live Without.

Here’s one of his sayings: “Bring half as much clothing and twice as much money”

His key tips are:

  • When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Only include things that are on the list.
  • Don’t start the list (or the packing) on the night before your trip.
  • Don’t let any spaces go unused. For example, don’t forget there is space in shoes. Good place for socks.
  • Fold clothes strategically. Use “Bundle-wrapping”. It keeps it from getting wrinkled and takes less space. (Better see the website for an explanation)
  • Shoes are the single-biggest space-waster. But, do what you can about this one. He acknowledges some women have trouble with this one, but he suggests low heels and dressy/strappy sandals. (Or, buying new shoes when you get to your destination!)

He has 100 items on his list, but they’re small things. The list even includes the clothes you’re wearing.

See you on your next trip. We’ll be the ones not in the baggage claim or lost baggage line. Simplicity again brings lightness.Courtesy Augapfel Creative Commons

4 thoughts on “Traveling light

  1. taking myself lightly became a literal revelation when i realised i started traveling by backpack. light load, room to hold.

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