The Loving Guitarist Tunes Up

The Guitarist Tunes Up

With what attentive courtesy he bent 
Over his instrument; 
Not as a lordly conquerer who could 
Command both wire and wood, 
But as a man with a loved woman might, 
Inquiring with delight 
What slight essential things she had to say 
Before they started, he and she, to play.

Frances Darwin Cornford

Have you noticed the grace that emanates from people living in love?

Grace seems to be the be the right word for their glow and sweet, steady movement. Seeing someone who’s fully aware and fully awake is like watching poetry.

It doesn’t seem to be about control or conquering or submission or any of that right/wrong stuff. It’s not about ego or me or mine or you and yours.

It’s genuinely about deep and connected love, between that life-lover and every little song, spark, and movement.

Haven’t you sensed that within yourself, that moment just before connection, when you take in your breath, settle your gaze, and feel that deep, playful spirit? Isn’t it a moment to linger and savor and anticipate,as well as a moment to leap!?

4 thoughts on “The Loving Guitarist Tunes Up

  1. and share with others who smile automatically… thank you. sometimes reminders from others change the tone of my day in a wink. 😉

  2. lovely reflection. When my hubby and I got married, one thing that I learned was that marriage isn’t about making yourself happy, but making the other happy. It’s a little sad that the English language has a very vague and shallow view of what love truly is. We love our spouses, our children, etc, but we also love chocolate ice cream. I like how the Greek language divies up the ‘types’ of love. One of them being a verb – To love. An action word. Something you do. Something you work at. I love that. Maybe if more people thought that there would be less divorce.

  3. Yes, Stacilys, you make some excellent points.
    Love is a verb, not a noun describing something to get.
    The English language, despite many words coming from the Romance languages – Italian, French, Spanish – somehow lost a lot in the translation. Those have so many ways to express love, desire, wanting, lust, and adoration.
    Well, it sounds like you two are finding a way to express that without so many words. Kudos to you!

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