108 Steps Of Happiness

I’m happy most of the time.

I’m happy that I can even say that truthfully.

Recently, a friend of mine revealed to me that he had a nickname for me – “Irish Spring”. I was a bit nonplussed to be somehow compared to a deodorant soap.

My friend said he admired that I’m usually happy. He said I reminded him of the ads of people happily singing in the shower.

While I haven’t adopted that nickname for myself, I’m grateful to accept it as a compliment.Happy Flag (c) ViewPacific 2014-07-13 16.05.07

There was a time in my life when I was unhappy most of the time. At some point, I started making choices that would guide me to feeling more happiness and fulfillment.

Taking my friend’s comment as inspiration, I’ve come up with a list of the 108 (or so) of my steps of happiness.

I intend to add a few more details about these in later blog posts. I’d love to hear about your steps of happiness – the little (or big) things you do that help you and those around you to feel more fulfilled, loved, and happier.

I hope some of these steps can help you and others to feel more happiness, too.

Vincent Paz

Here’s my current list of 108+ steps of happiness:

108 Steps Of Happiness

Enjoy your breathing
Learn how to take a short nap
Make a difference to someone
Be honest with others
Be honest with yourself
Find a constructive way forward
Cultivate your creativity
Learn how to love your body
Be grateful for simple things
Express imagined concerns
Take care of your body
Use loving words
Celebrate each step of personal evolution and awakening
Do your best
Monotask – do one thing at a time
Take progress one step at a time
Learn to comfortably speak in public
Listen carefully to others
Take care of issues while they are small
Have fun!
Volunteer first
Be honest all the time
Choose kindness
Find ways to connect
Take chances
Give gifts without expecting anything in return
Learn ever-better ways to communicate
Stay in integrity
Make your own list of 108 steps to your own happiness
Participate fully
Be less busy
Express withholds
Take care of yourself
Choose your friends
Initiate contact with others
Accept responsibility for your own choices
Do something differently often
Help others
Live now – don’t wait to live
Make your own choices
QTIP – Quit Taking It Personally
Read inspirational books
Spend time in nature
Cultivate friends of all ages
Don’t effort too hard
Learn more about the sexual side of relationship
Clear misunderstandings
Be open
Choose love
Cultivate perseverance
Keep on keeping on
Model love
Show up
Try something new
Drop old repeated stories which aren’t true
Recognize the difference between activity and action
Gaze into other’s eyes
Release the worst or ineffective traits or practices of your parents or family
Choose activities which build peace and love
Claim the best traits of my parents and family
Give in your hour of giving
Drop your old, dramatic stories
Spend time with people that seem different from you
Take a class in improv comedy
Do that which brings your spirit alive
Be weird
Reach higher
Learn how to listen with your heart
Don’t accept blame
Eat healthy food
Return meanness with kindness
Sit in the front row
Take a mini-vacation each day
Don’t blame others or yourself
Build loving relationships
Share appreciations with friends
Remember the good things
Accept that others are doing their best
Cultivate patience
Meditate regularly
Accept your perfection and imperfections
Choose to be around people who uplift you
Express how you love to be loved
Invite the sacred into your life
Love yourself
Get tips from happy, positive people on what they do
Accept being around people which bring you down
Find the humor in any moment
Find something to admire in everyone
Exercise regularly
Be loving
Remember none of us lives forever
Accept that things take time
Be curious
Find ways to encourage and support others
Follow your passion
Let go of ways which no longer serve you
Make a difference in the world
Choose joy
Express gratitude
Keep coming back
Get in touch with your feelings
Take seconds
Accept things as they are
Ask myself: How can I be more loving, more kind
Find a spiritual teacher or teachers
Keep a journal
Choose humor which connects us
Take bold steps
Slow down
Join a community
Look for ways to bring out the best in others
Consume mindfully
Don’t compare to put yourself down
Listen to live music

(c) Vincent Paz – on ViewPacific

19 thoughts on “108 Steps Of Happiness

  1. Ha! Yes that was the nickname. I suppose it could have been worse! 🙂
    No need to memorize the full list. Just choose a step of happiness or two. Also, you’re welcome to come back for a visit anytime!

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  3. ‘I’m happy that I can even say that truthfully.’ Love this, I feel the same way

    I am going to write my own list right now, thank you for the inspiration, I shall let you know how I go, I may drop the 0 in-between the 1 and the 8, but who knows

  4. Ha! Yes, that’s the spirit!
    Feel free to start with the 0. Then, whenever you’re inspired, move to the 1. Mathematicians will tell your progress from 0 to 1 is infinite!
    When you get to 8, perhaps you can turn your head to the side and see infinity. 🙂 Or, maybe not, and that’s okay.
    I’d love to hear whatever you do come up with.

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