Seeking Abundance

We have enough. We have more than enough. If you’re reading this, you have enough to be happy.
Feeling you don’t have enough, that your needs just aren’t getting met, that you want more, More, MORE! is a dis-ease.
Please enjoy the abundance we have.

Source of Inspiration


Abundance, I had it all along;
vaults of gold, precious jewels
these I do not have
yet I have all I need
at this moment
so abundance have I, indeed!

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6 thoughts on “Seeking Abundance

  1. A brilliant choice of photograph Vincent! And thank you for these wise sentiments admonishing us to be content with little, to tread lightly in the world, and so forth. Perhaps now more so than ever, there is the need for this message to be taken on board by humankind?

    All best wishes.


  2. Dear Hariod,
    I appreciate your kind and inspiring comment.
    I’ve of two minds about that:
    On the one hand, I can see as many others do that with some groups of people piling up hoards while others starve, the outcome is not usually very good. Just look at human history over the millennia to see that getting back to balance between the “haves” and the “have nots” isn’t always as light as a Robin Hood story. Sadly, many of the hoarders end up losing all they accumulated, and sometimes their heads.
    On the other hand, I’ve noticed how much we create the world we live in. Those of us who realize there is enough in the world for everyone can live in a world of abundance. They can seriously be unaffected by the sense of lack in others.
    Perhaps this sounds paradoxical, and yet maybe it’s a case of different worlds co-existing.
    Thanks again for the thoughtful inspiration.

  3. ‘Those of us who realize there is enough in the world for everyone can live in a world of abundance. They can seriously be unaffected by the sense of lack in others. Perhaps this sounds paradoxical. . . ‘

    I am not certain what you are saying Vincent, though I think you are talking about equanimous acceptance. This isn’t an equanimity devoid of compassion, but one accepting actuality as it is. Am I on the right track or have I misunderstood you?


  4. Oh, thanks for reading and asking for clarification. Sometimes when I go on to explain, it seems to add more confusion. Yet, I shall try again.
    I have some friends who have a richness of interests, compassion, culture, and loving. By the standards of consumption and capitalism, they are “poor” and bereft of motivation or success. These friends are not strongly affected – positively or negatively – by the habits of my other friends who measure their success in the newness and relative size of their material collections. Among this latter group are those who strive to increase, increase, and increase, and therefore often feel a sense of loss and lacking. Most of them aren’t very aware of their “poor” brethren, many of whom are quite happy with or without stuff.
    These orientations are separate and can co-exist peacefully enough. That’s what I’m trying to share about my observations of the ability to live in a world of abundance regardless of the state of how big one person’s pile is compared to others.

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