Reinventing our world

“When we’re curious, we can reinvent our world. Old wounds don’t have to continue to poison the present.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve noticed years ago that when I’m on a vacation, things seem brighter and more interesting. The sky looks brighter, the clouds more beautiful, and the food tastes better. I’ve noticed this in so many countries and places that I don’t think it’s entirely because I’ve been able to travel to wonderful places.

I also noticed that when I’m in a new relationship, there are all kinds of wonderful qualities that draw me in and delight me. As little things inevitably happened over time that might distance us, these would start to add up like layers of dust clouding a window.

As I looked into this more deeply, I discovered the thread running through all of these: I was losing my wonder, curiosity, and openness.

I would get stuck in the past, holding on to memories of all those little slights or misunderstanding. Or, I’d get stuck in the past comparing the present to some old memory.

Returning to wonder, curiosity, and openness, I notice more things. Returning to the present moment, there’s a freshness and aliveness that really makes life rich. Letting the past stay in the past, I feel lighter and more alive.

Once I realized this, I started to travel less. I’ve stayed in relationships longer. My meals are tastier. Each day is richer. More sweet moments arrive and come together to make for better days.

Sunrise over Wester Ross hills and the Minch

Sunrise over Wester Ross hills and the Minch

10 thoughts on “Reinventing our world

  1. Learning to not chase after feelings is a big shift. I love that you recognize that every moment is a wonder, if we allow it to be.

  2. Yes, me too, Eric!
    Although the first part of the saying is that “curiosity killed the cat”, the rest goes on to say “satisfaction brought her back.”
    Even when I’ve had some satisfaction, I still have curiosity. Perhaps it’s like the cat’s nine lives?

  3. Yes, and big shifts can sometimes take time, and other times can come suddenly. Not chasing after or reacting to feelings is possible, and doesn’t mean denying the feelings – it’s about choosing our responses.

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