The Princess is the Frog. A Beginning. Part II

Here’s a fairy tale which has been told so many times. It may seem funny, yet has some sadness to me. It’s sad that she never let any of her princes see her true shape, so they could love her as she was.

Stella in the sun


The Prince Charming could not believe how lucky he was to be with the Princess. And she could not believe how lucky she was to have found a Prince who loved her ever so. Everyday the Prince would tell her how much he loved her and talk about their life together. And everyday she would tell him she loved him and had high hopes for their future together.

Until one day, she went to pay her Fairy Stepmother a visit. “Why aren’t your eyes sparkling anymore Princess?” said she as soon as the Princess sat down. And the Princess’s eyes, without knowing how or why, filled up with tears that rolled down her cheeks and fell on the ground as intensely as water would fall from a Waterfall.

Although she knew the answer the Fairy asked: “Why are you crying Princess?”

And all of a sudden it all came back…

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