A Perspective on Loss

I’m reminded of a talk by Alan Watts I heard recently about the apparent paradox between letting go and living in each moment, versus enjoying our lives so richly that they’re burned into our memories and part of us. He added that it’s like riding a bicycle-to tip fully either way ends the ride! So, on we pedal feeling any loss of the past while still savoring each new moment.
I sometimes find myself bouncing between joy and sadness when I see glorious sunsets or sunrises. They’re so thrillingly beautiful! Yay! I’ll never see another one like that. Wah!
Still, I look forward to the next beautiful one.

Eric Tonningsen's Awakening to Awareness

“We don’t let go of anything important until we have exhausted all the possible ways that we might keep holding on to it.” ~ William Bridges

It is fair to say each of us has strengths and weaknesses. What is interesting is on which we choose to focus. You can readily identify your most robust strength and your biggest weakness (acknowledging a weakness can be a strength and vice versa). And for all of my actual and perceived strengths, I know that handling loss is what I am least equipped to deal with — my weakness, if you will.

In two blog posts today, I read and was reminded of how common loss is. We simply don’t confront it until, somehow, it ‘hits home.’ And “home” is a different place within each of us.

Losing someone or something you care deeply about is very painful. The range of emotions we…

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