Just be.

Be love.
Be loving.
Be gratitude.
Be who you are.
Be such a person.
Be alive while you’re alive.
Be the person you’d like to be.
Be the eyes and ears of the universe.
Be the person your parents never were.
Be in the moment, this moment, with whatever feelings and thoughts come with it.
Be yourself; everyone else is taken.
Be better than yesterday.

Just be.

Neighborhood flower by Vincent Paz courtesy Creative Commons License

This poem is an expression of the Steps Of Happiness.

7 thoughts on “Be

  1. “Be the person your parents never were..” is such a meaningful line for me. Letting go of blame and offering compassion to the two very human souls who raised me has been a critical component of the changes I’ve implemented in my life.

  2. Thanks, yes I agree. I’ve had a lot of personal growth around this. I’m finding that the more I realize I can choose what I want to keep and what to drop of my parent’s and family, the more I can step into my own light.
    There are some wonderful qualities that I choose to claim. There are some mistakes and unhealthy or ineffective patterns I choose not to continue.
    If each generation did this, the world would even more quickly be a batter and better place.

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