Creating peace

Creative Commons license courtesy unsplash Ryan Jacques

Creative Commons license courtesy unsplash Ryan Jacques

In conflict, I take the lead in creating peace.

This is the sort of statement a self-help book might have you tape up above your bathroom mirror.

Sometimes, when I read things like this, I say – give me a break! Won’t being the one to give in just make me a doormat? Won’t I be giving up all of my power? Won’t others just walk all over me?

After practicing it more and more often, I’ve been looking at this differently.

Practicing listening intently and compassionately, I’m able to be peaceful more often. That peace is more extending to others. As they realize they’re being heard, they seem to be calmer more quickly than before. That brings peace sooner.

Practicing being present, it’s getting easier to be peace.

With practice, peace is only a breath or two away.


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