Don’t get even, get odd

“Don’t get even, get odd.”

From an absurdiveness training class with Kelly Bryson of Language Of Compassion, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC)-oriented psychotherapist.

Kelly’s advocating that we keep our sense of wonder, playfulness, and active consciousness in all human relations. By being aware and not getting triggered by other’s outbursts, we can hold fast to the center and break the cycle of violence. Instead of acting out of reaction, we can act from a solid base of awareness and love. Now that’s odd! (and beautiful at the same time)

One thought on “Don’t get even, get odd

  1. The title “Don’t get even, get odd” drew me in. I love the idea of absurdiveness training. Active consciousness—being mindful and non-reactive—is such a great goal. Playfulness, well, that just seems like a normal necessity in daily life.

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