Overcoming Jealousy through Self Love

Having low self worth or feeling unworthy of love – the root of jealousy.



Jealousy is a common human emotion created within ego.  As I have been suffering from this negative emotion all my life, I begin to understand the underlying cause for this jealousy.  It is the lack of self worth and feeling unworthy of love.  We all have some level of lack of self esteem, but I feel that my childhood trauma resulted in my extreme low self esteem no matter how much I accomplish in my life.

This jealousy arises like a tidal wave when my painbody is triggered. Recently, I went through several bouts of my painbody being triggered.  The emotional pain was so intolerable that I had to run away from this pain. When I am truly honest with myself, I realize that this emotional pain triggered in my painbody is old, old karmic pain that is stored in a very deep layer within my painbody.   I believe…

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One thought on “Overcoming Jealousy through Self Love

  1. It is true, many are jealous, due to what they lack. Its the same as the bully, they pick on others to divert. This was a beautiful read. Thank you for sharing. Its important for us to love ourselves before we can love another

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