The dramatics are often unbelievably soft

Here’s another reason for us to stay mindful with hearts open.
The big life messages aren’t usually spelled out clearly in the clouds or the fabled writing on the wall. Instead, our life-shift may come after a glance from a friend, a seemingly random word or two, or a dance with a stranger. I’ve tried to get past my bad habits with conscious effort, only to find that my best changes come very differently: through subtle shifts where the past is simply left behind.
Let’s stay awake and alive, friends, and not miss a sweet moment.

Live & Learn


In truth, the dramatics of a life-determining experience are often unbelievably soft. It has so little akin to the bang, the flash, or the volcanic eruption that, at the moment it is made, the experience is often not even noticed. When it deploys its revolutionary effect and plunges a life into a brand-new light giving it a brand-new melody, it does that silently and in this wonderful silence resides its special nobility.

~ Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon: A Novel

Image Credit: Pino Stranieri.  Quote Source: Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon on Amazon.

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