A is for Addiction (and, Alcoholism)

Powerful wisdom! Addiction is not only to alcohol or other substances. Those make it worse, for sure. No, addiction has its roots in our ego and imagination about what we can or can’t control. Cultivating gratitude, staying awake to reality, and
acceptance can help.

Zenkatwrites's Blog

I was quiet about my addiction for many years except among close friends and family.  Then a couple of years ago I realized it was like so many things, that those with courage needed to bring it out of the closet so it would no longer have the stigmatism of all dark, shadowy, hidden, terrible diseases, which seems to go hand-in-hand with misinformation.  My topic today will be on some of that misinformation.  I am not a doctor, but a highly informed SOBER addict — MANY years sober.

W DTX 1995 2 CLR DKPWhat prompted my choice for “A” (besides being able to write this in my sleep) is a family member writing to me about a miracle cure, a drug that you can give alcoholics to cure their disease.  I am the go-to gal in our family about addiction, having stayed sober for almost half my life now and being willing to talk about. …

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