At the end of every rainbow you might find gold

Creative Commons license courtesy cavin

Creative Commons license courtesy cavin

“‘Cause under every cup you might find a nut,

‘Round every corner you might get jacked up,

At the end of every rainbow you might find gold

The last bite of your sandwich, hope ya’ don’t find mold”

Michael Franti in the song: “Pray for Grace”

Grace, our realization of our connection to the ineffable which is greater than we think we are, comes with the good or the bad.

Grace can arrive while we’re wafted in incense, having gently meditated for a timeless length of time, and in the company of like-minded souls.

Grace can come with angered people in front of us, yelling in their frustration about some injustice they see, road rage they feel, or some other disconnection of theirs from Grace.

Grace already is, and though we may awaken it with our devotion, prayers, ecstatic dance, temples, or in the company of others, this is only focusing on some small chance. That’s not bad in itself and yet Grace also comes in the times we call bad.

Let’s invite Grace at every turn, such as when we’re running for the last bus, when someone near to us is dying, when we’re giggling with children, and when we’re distracted by indignation.

Let’s be Grace.

2 thoughts on “At the end of every rainbow you might find gold

  1. First off, I absolutely adore Michael Franti & Spearhead. We see them each summer when they roll through town.

    This state of grace, to me, is complete acceptance of what is. It comes in the moment I let go of my resistance to whatever it is I think it should be. Since I am not well-practiced in being graceful, I usually discover it quite unexpectedly.

    Thank you for a lovely little read on this Sunday day of rest.

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