Who controls their mind, controls everything?

Creative Commons license courtesy imgur

Creative Commons license courtesy imgur

Quien domina la mente, lo domina todo”, decía Kalimán.

A popular Mexican comic book character, Kalimán, intones many wise sayings about ways to live more fully, consciously, and kindly.

I love this particular quote because he really draws out the power of our mind and thoughts over our lives.

I see lot of truth in this. After years of meditation, and plenty of time around meditators, I’ve noticed a difference.

I don’t think control is really the right word though. Nor do I think ruling or domination is an accurate translation. Instead, I think it’s more effective to accept the mind, such as it is, and let the thoughts flow without controlling them nor being controlled by them.

Even more important than the mind is the heart. No, not the heart alone. Instead it’s the synchronization of our heart and mind which really lets us live most fully.

Yes, let’s continue where Kalimán started us:

Who rules the mind and heart, rules all!

Who lives in mindfulness and heartfulness, lives in total fullness!

3 thoughts on “Who controls their mind, controls everything?

  1. My translator said “rules the mind” instead of controls. 🙂 I like that better! I am the ruler of my mind 🙂 Yes, you are right to me as well, heart and emotions come first. I have always argued this point, many times the emotion comes first, then the thoughts. But cognitive psychology refuses to accept this, but for me, it often works like that, first emotion and then thought.

  2. Acceptance is so much softer than control. Our hearts, minds, and bodies respond so much better to acceptance. I like your point about synchronization of heart and mind.

  3. Yes, Stillness, acceptance is softer. It can also be harder, as in more difficult. Ultimately, though, acceptance is the starting point to let us go forward in living.

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