How Far Will We Go For Love?

Creative Commons license courtesy s.yume

Creative Commons license courtesy s.yume

When we aren’t near to our own hearts, we may go some distance to try to find connection.

We might travel the world.

We might get compulsively busy or drunk.

We might settle for a long-distance relationship.

We might quickly jump into sex with someone we really don’t know.

Or, we might return to our truest heart – the one in our own chest.

When we are complete within ourselves, then we don’t need to go very far to find connection. Loving ourselves, we can be open to love very close to us. The nearest of the near; the dearest of the dear.

2 thoughts on “How Far Will We Go For Love?

  1. My past practice wasn’t to go far for love………..but to go very fast! It took me awhile to see that I was trying to outrun my feelings of unworthiness. Now, I’m in the slow down zone, and loving me.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts.
    That’s wonderful to hear about you now being in love with yourself. So sweet!
    After all, who else is with us through our whole lives, no matter how fast or slow we go?

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