a bit rocky

Creative Commons license courtesy stockorocks

Creative Commons license courtesy stockorocks

Inevitable crash!

I keep trying to balance.

Letting go brings joy.

(originally posted on 30 Poems in 30 Days)

I could choose to focus on the “crash!” and “bang!” which inevitably follows after trying to carefully build a structure of security. Or, I could choose to notice how long things worked until they all fell apart.

Either way I try it, I notice I keep trying.

I sometimes wonder if I’m some modern-day Sisyphus, cursed to roll some boulder to the top of a hill, only to have it tumble down just before reaching the top.

Still, I keep trying.

More and more, I realize that there’s a lot of fun just in the process of building. It’s not always about reaching the goal. Also, it’s not always about having my creation last forever. Nothing lasts forever anyway.

There’s lots of room for joy.


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