as if you had a choice

Creative Commons license courtesy nate steiner

Creative Commons license courtesy nate steiner

Live as if you had a choice.

These words popped into my head this morning as I was driving to my office. I’m not exactly sure where I’ve read them or heard them. I like to give credit, even though many of these thoughts and memes are like so many molecules that are being passed from generation to generation over the centuries.

Live as if you had a choice.

It really speaks to me about intentional living. About living on purpose, with meaning, with a sense of control.

It’s not some Western uber-control sort of message like “get control of your life” or “do these 20 tasks.”

It sounds to me more artistic than scientific, more accepting than directing, more open than closed.

Live as if you had a choice.

“Choice” in itself implies that we’re taking some conscious action. With “as if you had a choice” it lets you push the pause button on wondering whether we do or don’t have a choice, and on getting stuck analyzing what sorts of choices we may or may not have in our lives.

It also reminds me of the presumptive close, a sales technique where the salesperson operates on the assumption that the sale is going to go through. Okay, this is a sales technique which is not entirely effective, yet it changes the posture of the relationship between salesperson and client.

Posture – yes, that’s it. “Live as if” is about posture, about stance, about leaning into the wind regardless of how hard or which direction it may be blowing. This maxim isn’t saying to deny reality and simply hope, it speaks to assuming control, direction, and choice.

Live as if you had a choice.

I’m going to try it. Why don’t you try it, too, and let me know if anything is different with this stance.

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