My Way the Right Way: MYRY Disease

I’ve also noticed that many people get stuck in the “my way is the right way” trap. It’s related to “my view is the right view” belief.
Several things work for me when I spot this in myself or others. I remember that “Force is followed by loss of strength”. I also recall an old Hindu story about 5 blind men who encounter an elephant. One touches the side and exclaims elephants are like the wall of a barn. Another touches the trunk and says elephants are like jungle vines. Yet another touches a leg and says elephants are like trees. While they are each “right”, they are also each “wrong.” Only being open to other perspectives can they get closer to the real truth.

Creative Commons licensed courtesy cheetah

Creative Commons licensed courtesy cheetah



Humans for a long time seem to have suffered from this problem. Be it religion, politics, business, streets and at home every one seems to think they are right and everyone else is wrong.. Most people suffer from it to varying degree, if you suffer less you are very fortunate.

Throughout human history people have fought wars, and even in their day-to-day lives lots of people suffer immeasurably, but fail to diagnose MYRY. In retrospection most people would easily conclude that many such events were not only unnecessary but highly destructive. However, most still fail to get rid of MYRY approach even now.

This is a defect in the Mental Model that we use to process the information. It is like a blind spot that will prevent us from seeing any thing else other that what we think is right.

Anger: When MYRY is high this results to anger…

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