Infinite Lovers think big. People without love think small.

universe of love in our hands creative commons courtesy of anna gutermuth

universe of love in our hands creative commons courtesy of anna gutermuth

True Infinite Lovers think big, beyond themselves, beyond having one other loving person in their life, and beyond even a small circle of loving friends. Their love radiates out to the entire universe, warming and enveloping all those around them, and they feel it reflecting back to them.

If you find yourself believing you are alone or separate, check into your vision – how far are you looking beyond your own self? How far does your vision of love extend?

Some people suggest that a way back out of this sense of aloneness is through volunteering or caring for those who may seem less fortunate than yourself. By extending their hearts to others, volunteers often find their way back into the fabric of their own love and lovingkindness. Even more than the joy of service, open-handed and open-hearted giving can open us up to being open to receiving. It’s then that we realize how deeply we are interconnected and how well we are truly loved by the universe. Try it and see for yourself.

Others suggest that being of service can be a trap, that it can make some of us feel even smaller, that we might end up giving up our own needs for those of others, then reducing our own sense of self even more. Check into this thinking and see if it’s true for you. Giving with the expectation of receiving may be a hook which is causing problems. Instead, try giving without any expectations and instead simply give for the joy of giving. Holding on to outcomes or expectations can build resentment, which is towards thinking small. Thinking big as an infinite lover means noticing how loving adds energy to the entire universe, well beyond ourselves and those next to us.

This is one of the Infinite Love Principles.

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