Death Sucks

4 a.m. again.

Just learned another friend died.

Impermanence sucks.

— — — Haiku by ViewPacific, inspired by and Mark Hogle

Woke at 4 a.m.


For some reason, I felt compelled to check my messages.

I found an email from a long time friend that her brother, a friend of mine, had passed suddenly. Younger than I am, he had a sudden stroke and went quickly.

I had only recently gotten back in touch with him and have been intending to share some memories and thanks. I have a lot of gratitude for him which I had not quite yet shared. He arguably extended my life with some wise and persistent advice in my 20’s.

Friends, let’s not wait until the funerals or celebrations of life.

The hour of giving thanks is now. Again and again with each moment.

True, some others of us aren’t wired to receive thanks. So what?

Be like the roses – simply share your sweet aroma of gratitude.

Be like the sun – let all living things feel your glow, without discrimination.

True, rituals such as birthdays give us a reminder and easy chance to express gratitude and appreciation. Hold those celebrations, too, to honor the living.

Friends, let’s be the love geeks who simply share whenever moved. Remember to notice how often you can be moved to live in gratitude.

Let’s not wait until the living have passed to let people know what they mean to us.

Let’s share with the living now.

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