That little light switch can really turn things on


I refuse.
I won’t. I will not.
I will no such thing. Over my dead body. Far be it from me.
Not if I can help it. Not likely. Not on your life. Count me out.
Include me out. I’m not taking any. I won’t buy it. It’s no go. Like hell I will.
I’ll be hanged if I will. Try and make me. You have another guess coming.
You should live so long. I’ll see you in hell first. Nothing doing.
Out of the question. Not to be thought of.
By no means.

Life offers us boundless possibilities. It’s already a miracle we’re alive.

So, what do we do? Well, what did we do a long time ago? Or, what does it seem like others do?

Denying the bounty and even simply denying reality is like pulling the plug on a lamp. The light goes out. Being in the dark, we’re more likely to stumble and maybe even stub our toes.

Try lightening up, enlightening up, noticing what is, loving what is, and opening to the possibilities.


These few words are enough, if not these words, this breath…
If not this breath, this sitting.
This opening to the life we have refused
again and again until now. Until now.
In this moment of epiphany
This opening to the life we have refused
again and again
until NOW

Acclaimed poet David Whyte

3 thoughts on “That little light switch can really turn things on

  1. Hi, and thanks for the thoughtful comment.
    Also, thanks for what you wrote on your blog
    about “Why?” Yeah, that “Why?” word can be used as a weapon or as the opening to a sweet connection and further exploration.
    Many scientists begin their steps on the balance beam of acceptance with axioms: standing on a foundation of accepting what’s known. Their next step is a little off balance, as they stretch in posing questions in recognition that they really don’t know all the answers. If they can keep their balance, we all learn something.
    Can’t it be similar for the rest of us, getting past the stuckness of not knowing, and simultaneously staying rooted while also reaching?

  2. In sync with your words today 🙂 having just released into a yes to life moment. Thank you for your Beautifully articulated pointing!

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