Crossing a boundary – from the past to the (fully) present

We Are Crossing a Boundary Now

an invocation

We are crossing a boundary now.

Leave behind your familiar maps
and time honored interpretations,
pack them neatly and check them at the door.
They will be kept safe for you until you return,
though you may not want them anymore.

We are crossing a boundary now.

The constructs of the past and the future are slowly fading away.

Surrender your war stories, your tragedies, romances
and catastrophizing into the flame of the Present.

Dear friends who have responded to the invitation,
the ceremony has begun,
the bride and groom are at the altar,
let us not keep the guests waiting.

We are crossing a boundary now.

We have reached the edge of the Unknown,
the mystery from which all Creativity bubbles forth
like an effervescent spring of possibilities.

Make sure you have brought your curiosity along!

We are crossing a boundary now.

The threshold where the
Everywhere and Always
meets the Here and Now.

We ask that the energies of Self and Essence
guide us on our journey
and that we have the courage
to not hold back on our explorations.

We seek the wisdom to see through illusions,
to dissolve the fears
that we have told ourselves that we must hold onto
year after year after year.

The discrimination to know the difference between
the paper tigers and the real ones.
How many of those tigers have long ago
snuck back into the primordial ooze?
Leaving us quaking superstitiously,
our bodies still believing they were there?

They’re not even alive anymore!
Their bones have long ago turned to dust!
Open your eyes!
Dare to become present!
Embrace yourself!
All of you!
Nothing that is real is forbidden!

We are crossing a boundary now.

Into the Sacred Circle.
Into the cauldron of each other.

The fire is hot — Pay attention!

Listen to the instrument of your body.

The life force is flowing through it.
Find resonance with each other —

Join on that!

Trust the current —
it knows where to go.

From the book Love Like This by Michael Robbins (

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