Your lasting difference

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

Here’s something fun to try.

Step (spin) one:

The next time you’re walking through a park or down the street, make a quick turn around. As you’re spinning, see if anyone notices you. Now you know whether you may be noticed or not. You can try this again a few other times and places if you’re not convinced.

Making a difference isn’t about whether you’re being noticed or not, although it does begin with doing something someone will notice.

Step two:

So, the next thing to do: Find some place where nobody is around and do something to improve the place. Maybe it will be to pick up a few pieces of litter. Perhaps it might be to repair something broken. Or, it might be to leave out a book or gift for someone else to enjoy.

This step is not about getting recognition for it, or even seeing if anyone notices it or take the gift. Let got of the outcome. This is for your own practice.

Step three:

Follow William James’ suggestion, to simply act as if you’re making a difference. Even while you’re making a mad dash for the bus, consider that you may be watch by some future movie-maker who is admiring your graceful dance for the door. Even while you’re passing a stranger, notice the light in their eyes, reflecting it back.

Simply taking the posture that you’re making a difference, and letting go of whether anyone will notice you made the difference, or whether or not that difference happens anytime soon, already makes a difference in you.

Be like that rose in the garden or the sun in the sky. Simply know that you make a difference and act that way.

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