What happens when you embrace uncertainty?

What happens when you embrace uncertainty?

This seems like a simple, innocent question.

It isn’t.

Noticing uncertainty

You could see this question as “what happens when you encounter or touch on uncertainty?”

When you sense your uncertainty, and are not sure what to do, do you do like Keb’ Mo sings: Do you hand it over? Do you let your spirit light the way?

Is uncertainty about not knowing what is? Is it about losing your way? Is it like Warren Haynes sings: that life can take the strongest man and make him feel so all alone?

If so, one place to start is deeply sensing your uncertainty. Where do you feel your uncertainty? In your head? Or, is it in your heart? Or, can you feel where that uncertainty is?

Embracing uncertainty

Looking at the question again, maybe it’s beyond the uncertainty to ask: What happens when you embrace your uncertainty?

That is, how do things feel differently for you when you wrap your arms around your uncertainty in a loving hug? (not clutching your uncertanty in a death grip!) Gently caressing your uncertainty, and accepting that it’s yours, your uncertainty will feel different.

Notice how different it feels to accept your uncertainty versus struggling with it.

Does it open you into a sense of wonder and curiosity? Does it start the creative process so that you can start to see many possibilities? Do you feel just a little more interest and excitement?

Try it and see.

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