A Great Song About To Be Sung

The song that I came to sing remains unsung to this day.

I have spend my days in stringing and in unstringing my instrument.
The time has not come true, the words have not been rightly set; only there is the agony of wishing in my heart.
The blossom has not opened; only the wind is sighing by.

Rabindranath Tagore – Gitanjali

Isn’t it true that each of us has some song to sing, some words to say, some one thing that we deeply long to bring to the world?

I admit it. I find myself busily getting things just right, ever closer to perfect, and setting up all kinds of conditions before taking the chance to speak, act, or sing. What it means, of course, is that I don’t speak, and therefore whatever it is I have to say isn’t heard – by me or anyone.

As I feel into it now, I can only admit it’s because I’m looking for approval, or at least not to get criticized.

So what? I ask myself. What if I were criticized? What then?

Who doesn’t get criticized? Is my ego that big that it’s getting me to hide in the corner?

I also see that this blog is a step in that direction, as it has my words and thoughts out into the world where they be be freely criticized if need be. So far, just the opposite has happened, as I’ve heard many compliments and reflections. Is this my song? Well, although I’m still “tuning” my words, the little utterances I share are bringing me closer and closer to feeling I am singing my song.

Oh, I’d love to hear yours!

2 thoughts on “A Great Song About To Be Sung

  1. One day I heard myself saying that I really only fully show up when I feel safe and in the presence of good friends… Then I thought’ ” what a waste.. to hide yourself most of the time.” So now I just bring who I am with me everywhere… but I am 60 and it took a long time to figure that out!

  2. Wow! Imagine a world where more and more of us “show up” and share the gifts we have to bring.
    Like you say, hiding ourselves can be a waste.
    Thank you for sharing that now, and not waiting for some condition.

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