You mean Garrison Keillor won that race!?


If you have heard Garrison Keillor, you know he doesn’t have a reputation as a svelte athlete. He’s exclaimed that more than once and goes into great detail about the food he eats. It’s sort of a trademark.

Yet, I’ve heard about a running race he reportedly participated in where he won quite handily. The other runner didn’t fake it either, and gave it his earnest try.

How is this possible, you ask?

I’ve read in the personal account of poet Jim D. Babwe: “I Run Faster Than Garrison Keillor.”

The thing is, although Jim probably had his shoes shiny and clean, and handily bounced around the track, Garrison gathered a full experience. He made friends and grew stories without working up a sweat, unlike Jim.

Read the poem and see for yourself.

At least Jim sounded gracious enough to share in the toast of many varieties of victories, most of which are silly by the way.

It makes me wonder? Have any of you had similar “victories” which others may have labeled “failures?”

2 thoughts on “You mean Garrison Keillor won that race!?

  1. Wait a second! I’m the one who found the easy ribbon and crossed the finish line first! GK got distracted before the end of the race and engaged spectators in conversation. Before he reached the finish line, he meandered over to the local liquor store and picked up the champagne. Turned out that the “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing” mentality didn’t work as I’d planned, though.

  2. Yeah, darn that DK! He sort of turned the rules around a bit on the winning/losing bit, dropped the contest, and then toasted you! Isn’t it great when plans don’t quite work out?

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