Are you living all the days of your life?

I have 9,498 days left.

Um, well, it may be 24,472 or zero.

Yes, according to the various actuarial tables, given my gender and age, in mid-January 2037 my numbered days will reach their end.

The good news I discovered with the mortality statistics: the longer you live, the longer you are likely to live. Sounds odd, doesn’t it. Well, each day you live means there’s just one more day of disasters you’ve missed – or that have missed you.

How about turning that around, and looking at quality besides quantity?

Ask yourself if you’re living all the days of your life. Yes, it might be interesting to get an idea of how many there may be. It’s much more interesting to have those days be met with awakeness and awareness and lived fully.

As a matter of fact, maybe there should be some other type of “mortality table” which counts the days that count. You plug in gender, age, and something that’s more likely to measure how well you’re living all the days of your life. Some attitude or outlook or awareness measure would probably do it.

Those of you who are just opening up your New Year’s calendars, would you let us know your ideas about how to mark these wonderfully well-lived days?

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