Get swept away, sing with rapture, dance like a dervish

This week, I found myself telling a kindred spirit that I did not want to “get swept away.”

After all, I’ve been swept away again and again, and each time leads to pain and sadness. Yes, of course, being swept away and living fully and joyously has also brought me happiness and deep connection.

Now, having said those exact words, I’m feeling nonplussed and surprised.

I’ve never seen the movie “Meet Joe Black” and haven’t seen the following words until just now.

Get swept away, sing with rapture, dance like a dervish Dervish by Omar Hikal

“I want you to get swept away, sing with rapture, dance like a dervish.

It’s a cornball thing.
Love is passion, obsession… something you can’t live without.

I say, fall head over heels.
Find someone you can love like crazy, that will love you the same way back.

How do you find them, well… you forget your head and listen to your heart.

’cause the truth is honey, there’s no sense in living your life without this,

To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well… you haven’t lived a life at all.

But you have to try.

Because if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived.”

From the film Meet Joe Black, and is what the father (Anthony Hopkins) was saying to his daughter (Claire Forlani) in trying to tell her what to look for in love.

After all, I do sing with rapture and I do dance like a dervish. It’s what I do, and what people frequently say they notice that I do.

Singing with others, I’m reminded of the divinely connected joy in each note.

Dancing with the Sufis, I’m reminded that living is passion and energy and connection.

Still, like Peter denying Jesus, I found myself surprised by denying a core principle of living fully, being willing to risk being swept away.

What a reminder!

Now I resolve to keep my eyes (and heart) open for the broom…

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