Are you pushing love away?

Next time you see a loving couple walking down the street, notice your own response.

Do you cringe?

Do you wish it were you?

Do you sigh and wish them the best?

Do you take notes for your own loving relationship – the one you’re in now or a future one you may be in?

One of the pivotal Infinite Love Principles revolves around your own relationship with yourself and others. It’s based on that moment of acceptance or rejection, your openness or closedness.

Is it possible you may be pushing love away at some level with your adverse reaction to other’s joy?

Or, is it possible that you have abundant love in your life because you celebrate when you see other loving lovers?

Infinite Lovers admire other loving and romantic people. People without love resent loving and romantic people.

This is one of the Infinite Love Principles. For the full list, follow this link.

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