How to change your fate

“Fate is changed into destiny by awareness. The first act of freedom is the willingness to see how we have been enslaved. The system binds us only in the degree that we have chosen to remain unconscious.”

Sam Keen – Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man

In the book and movie The Matrix, the redpill awakens us from the commonly shared delusion and lets us act awake and aware.

As anyone who has started to awaken from the dream will tell you, it’s not an easy choice. Reality can be rather distasteful. Dreams beckon us back to sleep.

Dreams, though, are alluring in the short-term and unfulfilling over the long-term, like so much cotton candy or little fluffly clouds.

Awakened loving is unlikely to emerge from drowsy living.

Live while you’re alive, with both eyes open, and what seemed like chains will evaporate.

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