Listen! Listen! Don’t Waste it.

Creative Commons license courtesy Maldita la hora

Creative Commons license courtesy Maldita la hora

Listen carefully everyone

Great is the matter of life and death

Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost

Awaken!  Awaken!

Don’t waste your life.

Soan Poor – International Zen Institute of Florida (IZIF)

A friend of mine shared those words. He’s battling an agressive cancer and is well beyond being philosophical. He’s through acceptance and is living in reality and integrity. He’s reminded me that we’re all “Dead Man Walking” and suggests we wake up, drop the stories, and get on with living.

I once heard Pema Chodron mention that death is certain for all of us. There’s no escape. It’s the time of death that’s not known. What better reason than to live for today, for right now?

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