how to stay alive

Sometimes we need to almost lose something to begin to appreciate it.

Almost losing your life can be a great motivator to truly live alive, and that’s something you can hear again and again from people who have decided to stay alive.

The idea of taking charge of one’s medical program is the single most common practice among survivors. It is the cornerstone of a strategic recovery plan. – Greg Anderson, author of The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness

In 1984, Greg Anderson was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a month to live. He decided to take charge of his life and begin living. He shares his experience and the 22 laws of wellness he uncovered. The first of these laws is The Law of Esprit – the joy you feel is life! This is about living life with joy, and to greet each moment as a present just waiting for its ribbons to be untied and wrapping pulled back. It’s about soaking in the miracle of being alive, and growing gratitude for that.

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