Riding the wave

“To surf – to ride the crest of the wave.

Creative Commons license courtesy Ardinnnn

Creative Commons license courtesy Ardinnnn

To reach too far ahead beckons to danger. There is the possibility of falling off the crest or dashing against the rocks. Yet, if too far behind the wave, the danger is that of losing momentum; missing the wave; having to paddle, rather than ride – and no visibility, no control.”

My personal journal – January 1st, 1984

I came across one of my old journals after some old boxes fell in the garage. This entry seemed ominous since I experienced what was written nearly 25 years earlier. Riding the waves on November 1, 2008, I did fall off the crest, and was dashed against the ocean’s floor. I’m happy to say that I survived the fall with only a couple broken neck bones.

Now I’m curious what else I may have written in those journals which may yet come to pass.

Hey! Take a look into your own old journals or dream boards and let me know what you find… what are you manifesting?

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