Being the eye of the hurricane

Creative Commons license hacksheaven

Creative Commons license hacksheaven

I’ve kept this clipping from the July 2004 Metropolitan Diary of the New York Times.

It reminds me that inspiration doesn’t only come in neatly-prepared sound bites on Sunday morning or in lovely books.

Being present is more powerful when in everyday moments. Even though sages share their wisdom, and others may repeat those words, somehow these thoughts can be more impactful when they are lived out in the middle of any setting.

I’ve heard something of the like from friends who have traveled in India.

Here’s the clipping:

Dear Diary:

More than a few years ago, amid the frenzy of holiday shopping at Bloomingdale’s, I finally reached the checkout counter, which was commanded by a young man who calmly leaned over and said to me, sotto voce:

I am the eye of the hurricane.
All around me is chaos.
Frustration and annoyance are lessons.
All obstacles are tools for learning.

May I help you, sir?

Reciting this wisdom to myself has been inspirational and has served me well in many unavoidably difficult situations. I pass this profound ditty to fellow readers to honor the spirit of all street philosophers.

Jon A. Lieberman

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