This Work – is about your Soul

This Work

This work is about your Soul.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

It is not about getting rich,
or finding the perfect lover,
or becoming incredibly healthy.

Your body is an alchemical oven.

 To bake bread you need a recipe.
 Teachers are good for this.
 but don’t get hung up on their person.
 They have the same task as you.
 The only difference is that they have been cooking longer.

Keep your kitchen clean.
You wouldn’t feed your child from a filthy pot, would you?
It is the same with your Soul.

Surround yourself with things of beauty.
Nourish your inner life with prayer and meditation.
If you do these things your Soul will grow naturally.

Observe your mind.
Each thought is a choice.
Out of these choices you create your reality.
This is the house of your Spirit.

On the evening when you are expecting your Beloved,
you clean your room,
put out flowers
and light candles.
Why would you do any less for your Soul?

If you live each moment
expecting this Divine Guest,
your mind and heart will be like a great vista
waiting for the Sun.

From the book Love Like This by Michael Robbins (Robbins Roost Press, 237 Summer St., Somerville, MA

2 thoughts on “This Work – is about your Soul

  1. I really like the phrase, “alchemical oven.” I’m going to have to mull that over and all of the ensuing possibilities.

  2. Yeah, I like that phrase, too. Doesn’t Micheal Robbins have a great way with words?
    I like, too, the sense of anticipation he builds up in the last stanza, “…your mind and heart will be like a great vista waiting for the Sun.”

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