Katie-isms – Pithy Wisdom from Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is”

About five years ago, I came across the book “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. It was in the Soulscape bookstore in Encinitas. Right away, I could tell that her process is very fresh and effective.

For me, I’ve seen that being with a sense of wonder and questioning brings openness, and usually I learn something new. I like that.

Self-inqury is the core of her process. In its simplified form it goes like this: “Judge your neighbor. Write it down. Ask four questions. Turn it around.” There’s more to it, of course.

Recently, I actively participated in a large-group awareness type training (LGAT) workshop where we used this work (called “The Work”). Her Work is already powerful in its simplicity, but it’s even more powerful when it’s practiced with other sincere and open people. I really enjoyed that.

It’s really like polishing your mirror, so with The Work you can see yourself with all your funny stuff in the clear and peaceful light of the dawn. Ahhhh.

Here are a few “Katie-isms” from her book, “Loving What Is”

“Katie-isms “

  • When you argue with reality, you lose – but only always.
  • Personalities don’t love – they want something.
  • If I had a prayer, it would be this: “God spare me
    from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation.
  • Don’t pretend yourself beyond your own evolution.
  • I am the perpetrator of my suffering – but only all of
  • An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering.
  • Anything you want to ask a teacher, ask yourself. If
    you really want to know the truth, the answer will
    meet your question.
  • It’s not your job to like me – that’s my job.
  • The worst thing that has ever happened is an
    uninvestigated thought.
  • Sanity doesn’t suffer, ever.
  • The teacher you need is the person you’re living
    with. Are you listening?
  • I don’t let go of my concepts – I meet them through
    inquiry, then they let go of me.
  • Reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it.
  • Ultimately I am all that I can know.
  • Confusion is the only suffering.
  • What is is. You don’t get a vote. Haven’t you noticed?
  • I’m very clear that the whole world loves me. I just
    don’t expect them to realize it yet.
  • There are no physical problems – only mental ones.
  • The direct route is: “God is everything; God is good.”
  • The only way I can be angry at you is when I have
    thought, said, or done something that is unkind in
    my own opinion.
  • Reality is God, because it rules.

Excerpted from the book Loving What Is – by Byron Katie – ISBN 0-609-60874-6

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