The Air we Breathe is Good and Bad – What?!

Making lunches this morning I had a little inspiration.

As I was cleaning up, I carefully wrapped the remaining block of cheese in some plastic wrap and then sealed that into a plastic bag. After all, if it’s not protected from the air, it starts to go bad.

The first realization was that air is bad for cheese. No, air is bad for food in general. It means that the food will start to break down into something I may not way to eat.

The second realization is that air is good for humans. No, it’s vital. If we don’t breathe, well, that’s it. How long can I go without breathing – a few minutes?

The third realization is that air is neither good nor bad. Good and bad are just labels that are completely conditional.

Just for today, I’m going to try looking at things as they are, without slapping a good or bad label on them. Then, I’ll look at the good/bad labels to see if there’s a valid reason behind that, as it may be a reason worth examing and dropping.

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